Definately Hot: Go bold, go bald!

Black, Beautiful and Bald!
Ladies, Is 2010 already feeling better than last year. And you feel like you can loose some inches? Shave it all off! Shortcut is back in fashion baby! And this time it is here to stay!
Kanye west’s girl, Amber Rose is the most popular girl who is rockin’ the look in the public eye. But we all know she wasn’t the first. At boarding school back in Africa, all ladies have a bald head. So the look is not new in particular.

In today’s fashion, there is a fashion style that goes with the bald look. It is important that once you go for the bald look, you keep your face natural and you should dress most feminine. Don’t go for the baggy look. That is rather scary, in my opinion. Amber Rose and Chrisette Michelle are perfect examples of women who dress according to the bald-headed look. They keep it feminine, sometimes retro and natural on the make-up.
The bald head is perfect for the round-headed girl. Don’t hurt yourself if your head is flat. The bald head look will not suit you. It is recommended to rather go for a short hair cut if you have a so called ‘flat’ head.
I went around asking ladies who have gone for the bald-headed look their advice on things. Their advice was the following:

“Don’t go bald if short hair doesn’t suit you”

“Find a good barber. And get to know your barber well. It is important that the barber can still shave your head right, like he did last time. Make sure he doesn’t out-line the edges like a man’s edges. Stuff like that, you don’t do to women.”

I would like to know your advice. Whether you’re a hairdresser, a beautiful bald-headed girl, or an ex bald-head. Speak your mind.
For looks that suit the bald look:
  1. Love the look! Gorgeous, but only on them.

  2. Kiwi said:

    Ggggiiirrlll love THE blog! Keep doing your thing!

  3. I Love It…Keep Up The Good Work Girl!!It Is A Nice Blog To Read.Easy Going And Not Too Hard To Understand.I Like The Way You Speak You´re Mind Trough The Advice That You´re Giving..(L) Josie

Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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