Definately Hot!

Bright colours

O.P.I has added new colors to their Brights collection. And bright nail polish is what’s hot this summer. The colours of the Brights collection are bold and divers. And you only need 1 coat to get the brightened look.

Coat your nails with a vibrate green colour and it looks cute. If green is too daring, try red or purple. Red or Purple are less daring than green or yellow. The advantage of O.P.I is that it dries quickly and it brings a shiny glow, once you apply it to your nails and one pot lasts long to use. The disadvantage is, that O.P.I does not have the same price in every country, due to taxes, which vary in every country. That is why; most women are not easily tempted to buy O.P.I, because the price is 13.95EUR per pot. This price seems high for nail polish. BUT, you can use one pot for a long time and it is good quality.

Also try the Shrek and Hong Kong collection. One word: Lovely!

O.P.I is available at large cosmetic stores all over Europe and the U.S and other countries.

Visit the website: Click on ‘try on this color’ button and find out which color works for your skintone.


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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