Definately Hot: The cut out dress!

If you’re going to a nice evening event and you are looking for a sexy, but yet elegant dress. Try the ‘cut out’ dress. The so called ‘cut out’ dress is a body-fit dress to the knees with cuts on the sides of the waist. It looks absolutely nice, BUT only when you have the right shape for it.

What I mean with the right shape is that your body should be tight. This means, without so called ‘love handles’. The ‘cut in’ dress only fits those with an hour glass shape. The hour glass shape means that your body should match in proportions. The lower part of your body must match in proportion to the upper half of your body. If you ignore this rule, you’ll look anything but elegant and sexy. If you find yourself not being among women with the tight body, try the dress with the cut above. This can also look sexy.

diffrent types are available at:

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  1. Media said:

    would love to forever get updated great website ! .

Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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