Real Talk: Staying Fly makes him wanna stay

Dear Abina,

I and my boyfriend are together for 4 years now. I can say that I am absolutely crazy about him. We at least speak to each other every day and I consider him as my best friend.

We had a discussion some time ago. His statement was: ‘I did not hook up with you for your looks, but for your heart, your state of mind’. Abina, I call this complete nonsense. I am an attractive woman and I take very good care of myself. I am in shape, I work out every week(you know, to keep that thick body sexy), I take good care of my hair, nails and such. I believe that if it wasn’t for these things, he would never approach me. I am an eye candy. And I made my man want to stay, because of all of this. I believe that looks are a deciding factor in a relationship. Guys saying that it doesn’t matter are in pure denial. My looks are part of the reason I have my man coming back! I know that you feel the same.


Ama K. (New York, US)


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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