Definately hot: Metallic

Last summer, it was all about having a bright coloured coat on your nails. In a fall/winter season we are more likely to apply dark-coloured nail polish, like black, grey and dark-brown. But this season, the nail polish trend is going metallic. Metallic all the way. But how do they get these nails that shiny?

I first noted this fantastic mirror-looking coat in the movie Sex and the City 2. Kim Catrall, as Amanda matched a gold metallic nail polish with a cute white outfit. More and more celebrities are following this and it is likely to become a trend. Sex and the City stylist, Patricia Field did a fantastic job on this one, because I am loving it.

O.P.I has a whole line of metallic colours. In the Designer Series, there are some colours that come out with an extra shine that are great. BUT, if you want to go for the actual FOIL-look, you need nail strips. This is when your nails are covered with a sticker-like film and shaped to fit the size of your own nail. This produces that extra metallic like in the picture below. You can have this at your local nail saloon or you can apply these yourself. One word: Fab!

Visit for more.

visit for the metallic FOIL look


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