Real talk: Men Cheat but women lie.

You might be thinking: Is this the same post as the former one? No it is not. See it as a follow up on the first post that has this title. I like the statement: ‘Men cheat, but women lie’, because it says many things. It means that women can be as bad men can be in a relationship. There are many definitions to this statement. However, it does not apply to everyone, ofcoarse.

The reason why I post relationship issues is because not everyone has the chance to share their experiences to get advice. Real Talk is a way of sharing different opinions, so that the person with the problem can decide for herself which next step to take. After all, a good state of a relationship can make such a difference to our daily mood. And we gotta be healthy in our relationships, by keeping it real. Real Talk!Dear Abina,

I am dating a guy who is confusing to me. At the start, he was not my type, but I was definitely open-minded. I had not been dating for over 2 years, and I needed the attention. He showed interest, took me out and showed a side of him that convinced me enough to make him my man, obviously.

But, he does not mention the future with me included. I mean, come on, we’re 26 and dating for 8 months and he does not mention one bit. I have got a wrong feeling about this. I love the fact that he is honest and straight forward, but his is a bit too much. He actually does the ‘neck-turn’ when an attractive woman walks by. He frequently talks about other women. Sharing with me information, that I just can’t do anything with. I understand if a man has a sort of attraction to women, but men can actually go too far. I do speak to him about it. But I am kind of confused. Shouldn’t I appreciate the fact that he is honest? Where is the limit for a man to show that he likes to look at other women, besides his girlfriend with her around? Should I rather start mentioning the future, or should I continue my own?


Abena, I (London, UK)

Readers, what do you think? Can someone answer her question? Is this a men cheat or women lie, situation?


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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