The Skin I’m In

Bad skin can rule your attitude, especially when it comes to your facial skin. If you have colored skin and you live in Europe, it is impossible to use no skincare. If we consider the climate in Europe, we need to adapt our skincare every season. But here follows the main question that women ask: ‘What is the best care for my skin?’

It is impossible to give you an answer, if you do not know what type of skin you have. Most colored women and men use skincare daily. Cocoa butter is the most popular for especially African people. That is the most recommended crème. But it is not always suitable for your face. Cocoa butter can be too heavy in the summer. It can make you feel like your suffocating, once the sun is shining on your face.

Here goes Abina’s advice: find out what type of skin you have and purchase a good crème for your facial skin. You can find a local store that is specialized in skincare and request for a so called: skin analysis. Skin can be divided under 3 categories: dry skin, combined skin: dry or oily in some areas and last, the oily skin. Based on these types, you can find a skincare that is good for you. The right skincare means: a good cleanser, lotion and crème. You need that specific care to keep your skin moisturized in the best way.

Some think that the skin treatments in the local stores are only for white people, this statement is not true. Clinique is an example of a brand, which has skincare for any type of skin color. I receive good comments on Clinique and Dior. Some find it expensive, but it’s time to sacrifice extra money for your skin.

Want to know what type of skin you have? Visit the Clinique website:


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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