All New: Gallery of Poems, by Vlisco

Vlisco has launched their November collection: Gallery of Poems. The fabric is looking fantastic! The Dutch company Vlisco is the World’s number one textile company which launched what we now know as African fabric, Wax Hollandaise in Africa. Their rich colours and prints became a part of the African culture instantly, especially in West Africa and Central Africa.

Even though the fabrics of Vlisco are constantly being copied and sold for much cheaper prices, Vlisco Holland is still a market leader. Their Fabric stands for quality, authenticity and yeah.. It is more expensive. But it is quality! Each fabric that Vlisco produces has a unique print, because of the way it is produced. I can assure you this: if you buy your mother/auntie and or grandma who are in Africa, Vlisco textiles, she will be more than happy. She knows the quality of Vlisco and treasures it.

Visit for more information and orders.


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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