I Love the Brown skin that I’m In!

It might not have been directly said over the years, but it’s the truth about our mentalities, especially within the African communities. The more fair coloured a woman is, the more she is regarded as beautiful. This is not an issue that is only present within the African communities, but also in the Chinese and Indian communities. This perfect image of light skinned being ideal seems to be fading away. Women of different colour seem to be appreciated more, but not completely. This month’s issue will be about the ideal picture that we have and what we say of ourselves as women.

Dark coloured men are often adored, regarded as sex-symbols. But it seems as if the dark coloured women are less attractive in the eyes of the public. What is your perfect picture? Have you always been using skin bleach cream and wanting to look fairer than you are? This month: women who have been destroying themselves by using this bad perfect picture and women who absolutely love the brown skin that they are in.


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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