Real Talk: It’s a blackberry thing!

It hasn’t even been 5 years since Blackberry became popular among non-business men and woman inEurope. Obviously Blackberry has blown us away. More people find themselves addicted to the so called ‘ping’, instant messaging and access to email. This is great, you think. But blackberry is interrupting our social time! And crackberry’s are getting on my nerves.

I am the social type. I like hanging out with friends to talk about anything. I meet with my friends for their company. I love their company! But they can’t seem to put down their phone when we go out to dinner. I grab the blackberry as much as I can, but this makes me tired. I got so tired that I gave her an ultimatum: it’s either me or your damn blackberry! This resulted in a fight. Blackberry must die! No blackberry should be allowed in the presence of people. Period. Use it in your own time!


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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