Under the Mag: Poema Jones

As we enter the cosy cafe with Soul Music playing in the background, there we see this beautiful woman with a Rasta hat and earrings which have the shape of Africa. Her afro centric look tells it all. Poema Jones, a designer, residing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is specialised in clothing and handmade accessories with an African feel. Not an African feel, it’s all African, Reggae, Afro centric, soulful, you name it. Poema Jones has the goods to make me share with you her work.

“I give each accessory my own signature” She tells us. “I work with natural materials, such as wooden beads, seeds, coconuts. All designs are handmade and unique.” Poema Jones is the creator of her very own line, which is sold all around the world.  “One thing I really do is take my time, I style every person uniquely and I take the time to deliver great work”. Poema Jones’ work can be purchased online.

They say Poema Jones’ designs are not for the shy. Her designs are colourful and has Abina convinced. If they say it’s outspoken, then outspoken is what I like. Underneath is a picture with my own I ordered.




Visit www.poemajones.com for more information. To order online, visit: www.poemajones-webshop.com


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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