Real Talk: Who’s Miss Independent?

We are most familiar with the title: Miss Independent. After Ne-yo’s smashing hit, named after Miss Independent, woman can’t seem to let that name rest. Miss Independent has become most popular and has been adding many women to her group. But who is she? Is she that feminist or activist like Yaa asentwaa? Is she all that a man is looking for? Where is she from? And do the women who call themselves Miss Independent live up that name? Who is Miss Independent?  

We interviewed 20 women and men of different ethnic backgrounds (African, British, Dutch, German and Carrebean) between the age of 20 and 35. . Here are some of they’re views and what Abina can conclude:

“Miss Independent is fantastic. She is beautiful in her own way and it all ways at the same time. One thing I love about women who just don’t give a F.. They are conscious and motivated and focused on their positive aspects. That is what a man loves in a woman: that she can work with what she got. That type of women can maintain a household and their career. That is what men need.”

— FrankSarpong,Washington,USA

“Miss Independent is real. And you can always distinguish the real from the fake. As if: the women who want to come across as if they’re Miss Independent and the real ones. I must say that some women take it too far. So far ahead, that they can’t let a man be a man. Let a man pay dinner, the bills, take her shopping, fix the kitchen sink (laugh) for example. Some women take it to such an extent that they don’t let a man come into their lives at all. So I say: Miss Independent is alright, but in a balanced manner.”

— J. Schelteren,Rotterdam,Netherlands

Define your Miss Independent? Share your view.

Next week: Miss Independent personified


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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