Under the Mag: Somalian designer Omar Munie

In 2008 he was appointed as the best entrepreneur in the Netherlands. He is responsible for designing key hangers and bags for Samsung, of which over 18,000 were sold. None other than 25-year old Somalian clothing designer Omar Munie enjoys a success that every entrepreneur dreams of. This designer is full of energy and motivation. It is time for a talk with Omar Munie.

“I always wanted to create beautiful things”Omar Munie developed a passion for bags at young age. “Bags and accessories have always been my thing. As long as this remains, I don’t want that to change. It is my drive and it makes me happy. ”

“The beginning of my career was not easy. Especially as a man of color, you have to work extra hard. On the other hand, I am extremely motivated and I make beautiful products. Of this I am convinced”, he states.

“My store is personal”
The Omar Munie store is located at the Coolsingel in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Also, his handbags are available in 20 outlets in the rest of the country. Omar explains that he doesn’t only want to retain exclusivity in his bags, but also towards the customer. Omar also gives exclusive workshops (named bag & tea) at his working place in The Hague, the Netherlands.

“I am a proud African”

My advice to entrepreneurs-to-be is: never put yourself at second place. Perseverance and vision are important. And never forget where you are from. I am and forever will be a proud African“

More  on Omar Munie

Left, a picture of  Abina editor, A. Austin with Omar Munie at his working place in The Hague, the Netherlands. Picture was taken after the interview above. Right, a picture of Dutch celebrities posing with Omar Munie bags at a fashion show.


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