under the mag: Born to Excel

We are all familiar with pageants: the pretty young women with the ultra white and bright smile, the perfect features and the excessive perfect world-peace-ambitions. Not this one. The Miss Excel beauty pageant is actually a beauty pageant built to empower colored women in the Netherlands. No excessiveness, but actual positivity for the woman of color. The Grand finale takes place on the 17th of December in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, whereby 12 young women of color will compete to win the coveted crown of Miss Excel. This is something to look out for.

Miss excel is focused on rebranding the diminishing image of Afro Caribbean, African, Latin American women, once known for their trademark as women of Virtue.

“Our prime objective is to cut across ethnic/cultural boundaries in order to achieve great solidarity amongst people of African, Caribbean, Afro American and Latin American descent. However, this does not mean that statistics will not play a lead role in our selection of Miss Excellence; but we do certainly want to make a shift from the stereotypical beauty pageants where looks are the basic yard stick of selecting beauty queens”

“At Miss Excellence contest, we empower women with the right mentality of what TRUE BEAUTY is. Men may be the roof but women are the cement that put our generation together so let’s work together to build a solid foundation.”

Well, miss Excel, we are definitely looking forward to this one.

More information about Miss Excel. Follow Miss Excel on Facebook.


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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