Definately hot this fall!

Bright red lipstick, bald heads, pointed heels, stop blocking colours aaaand Snake prints! Yes, it’s back. Just when you though it could not go more extreme. This fall will embrace us with animal printed bags and belts. Though it might look extreme, the right combination can make your look fabulous. So before some of us give up on today’s trend. Let us look at what we can do. View a full look under the cut and some highlights of this season.

Definitely hot this season
The high waist jeans. Especially for the women with curves, high waist jeans give a finishing touch most of the time.

The leather pants.Believe it or not: the leather pants are back! I though I had

left it in 2001, but H&M proved me otherwise. H&M actually has a high waist leather pants that looks great to me. For those that do not like the leather pants, high waist black jeans will do just fine.

The Pointed heel. Also, the pointed heels are back. This time, with no extra length. So you don’t have to worry about your feet looking 2 sizes bigger. These pointed shoes fit just right.

Stop Blocking colours. The bright colours haven’t left today’s trend precisely. On the picture below you can see the type of bright colours, which are in season now.

Abina is an African woman though. Toning down with colours is not an option. Bright colours stay on me! Have you got any looks you would like to share? Let Abina know.


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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