Rihanna, niggabitch and the Aftermath

We kind of have waited till the storm concerning ‘niggabitch’ would blow away and the black community, especially in the Netherlands would be less angry until we would post anything about the ‘niggabitch’ situation. This was a situation whereby there was an article placed in a Dutch magazine called Jackie. This article described a fashion style which Rihanna has as ‘niggabitch.’ Totally unacceptable, right?

The black community especially in the Netherlands went crazy over this article. According to this group, associating the word ‘niggabitch’ to any black woman is totally unacceptable. The then editor-in-chief mentioned to the media that it was just a joke and a word just to describe a specific style. The next month Jackie issue would rectify the ‘niggabitch’ article. I keep using ‘would’, yup, miss editor-in-chief was forced to leave her position after 8 years of working in her function. World pop star Rihanna even cussed some sense into that woman via Twitter. Reactions came from everywhere. I was even surprised to read about it on the American media Young black and fabulous website. I was amazed.

 Critics had so much to say. But it all comes down to one thing: there is a great intolerance for associating any black women to a word as ‘niggabitch.’ I think this hype is great. If such a hype means the downfall of a Dutch magazine, then so be it. That word should never be associated to any black person. Not even within our communities. I have lived in the Netherlands all my life. Dutch people are known for the foul language and their ‘free-spirited’ attitude. The majority feels as if any joke can be made. But if Dutch magazine Jackie wanted to introduce a new hip term for a Rihanna style with than we all conclude: Niggabitch is an epic fail! RIP dear Jackie.Dear Dutch society, watch and learn.

  1. I really like your writing style, fantastic info , regards for putting up : D.

    • abinaMag said:

      Thank you Christy Sheinbein. Any suggestions? let us know!!

    • abinaMag said:

      Thank you for your complliment Shyla Brath

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