Real talk: African men can’t stay faithful

It started centuries ago: one man having 2 or more women. The modern societies seem to have brought an end to this lifestyle, whereby it seems impossible for men to have 2 or more women. Yet to some Africans, this lifestyle is at least one generation away. For example: Granddad who lived in Africa and who used to be married to grandmother, yet had children with other women while being in the marriage.’ Doesn’t this prove that this ‘unfaithful’ lifestyle is in the blood of our African men of this generation? Hasn’t this lifestyle manifested in our daily lives wherein African men cheat and the woman stick by, because they want to stay in a relationship? Some Abina readers had interesting answers.

 “African men can be faithful. Absolutely. Many African men have parents back in Africa who have been together for so many years. Rather they have set an example of how a long-time relationship or marriage should be kept. Of course, there have been ups and downs. But I don’t recall my father being unfaithful. I know I am faithful and I expect this of my woman also. There is no excuse for this” – K. Miniahora, South Africa

“I think that the statement mentioned is absolutely true. African men think a lot of their status and can’t keep themselves to one woman. Not all men, but most of them don’t. The African woman, on the other hand has perspective. Once she gives birth to her children, the husband is no longer the ultimate focus. Women think long-term. Therefore they stay within a relationship, for the sake of the kids. Once the kids have grown up and the woman thinks of leaving. The men, get their act together and give the women so many reasons to stay. In this situation you’re 20 years further. A result of this is 20, 30,60 years of marriage, wherein the women have taken all crap, but stayed because they think long-term. That’s what I believe.”n  Patience. Omohomora – London, UK

“Modern society has brought an end to this. We African men are not stupid. We are well aware that we can only give our real love to one specific person. It is impossible to fall in love with two women. Besides, two wives is an expensive trip a man is willing to take in life. Why are we the ones bashed again. For heaven sake: African men are very very faithful. Good women keep making the wrong choices. Point blank.” — Osei

What’s your mind on this? Is this statement true or false?

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  1. Ocean said:

    I have met a man from Burkina Faso. He lives in Europe. I am American. Should I be able to trust him? Faithfulness is very very important to me. I have had bad experience with Black American men who have not been faithful.

Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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