Inspired by an African woman: RIP Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston at the release party of her album 'I look to you'

There’s probably no creature on this earth that has not heard that Whitney Houston died, yesterday on Saturday 11 February. The news is shocking all the way. ABINA is all about the African woman and her influence. This African-American woman’s death can not be ignored. Every (at least)80’s baby knows Whitney Houston and her music. And if we were to count the lives she has inspired with her voice, they’re countless. Every human being’s fait is death, but an early death is painful.  

We know Whitney Houston’s incredible voice and we also know about her drug addiction and marriage to ‘infamous’ R&B singer Bobby Brown. I would guess that every African parent might have stated that Bobby brown was the cause of Whitney’s addiction. Still, this woman was extremely talented. ABINA felt the need to devote a post to  awesome Whitney Houston. May heaven receive Whitney Houston.

 Read the report on CNN

‘I’m every woman’ is one of Whitney Houston’s hit, released in 1992.

And a live performance of the legend inSouth Africain 1994.

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  1. Whitney will forever be missed. I still can’t believe she is gone. RIP.

Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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