Chocolate Sensation: Sudanese Ger Duany

Yess oh, it is time for another chocolate sensation for the ladies. This one is deep colored and pure chocolate from Sudan. Ger Duany is an American based actor and model from Sudan. Not only is he such a handsome man, but his life story is inspiring. His success, struggles and profession has made him our Chocolate Sensation.

Ger Duany is born in Sudan and was recruited in his younger years as a child soldier during the second Sudanese civil war. Fortunately, he fled to Kenya at the age of 14. Afterwards he sought refuge in the United States at the age of 16.

 He made his television debut in 2004. As a model, he appeared in various magazines, such as I heart Huckabees and an upcoming movie Isn’t it Delicious. He was discovered by another chocolate sensation: Tyson Beckford.

Find out more about Ger Duany on his website and follow him on Twitter.


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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