Yum Yum Yum: African food with OH TV’s A taste of Africa

Today I watched such a tasteful and delightful TV program on OH TV, called: A taste of Africa. A taste of Africa is a cooking program of African dishes.  Today the host of the show prepared Nigerian Pepe Soup and Ghanaian garlic bread. It looked so good I just had to share.  Especially that garlic bread on, definitely an appetizer worth trying. Below is a recipe to the Ghanaian garlic bread.

Ingredients you need:

  • Ghanaian bread
  • Butter
  • onion or garlic


  • Oven
  • Knife
  • Blender

Ghanaian bread

You might wonder why you specifically need Ghanaian bread. Ghanaian bread is most of the time sweetened bread. Comparing to European type of bread, Ghanaian bread is thicker, yet feels lighter. For this recipe, you can use other types of bread. Ghanaian breads will give you the full taste.

First, you slice the bread in thick slices. Don’t slice them too thick. Slice them in sizes that are still edible. Secondly, you mix the onion or garlic by using a blender. You can mash this by other means also. As long as it is mashed. Thirdly, you blend the onion/garlic with the butter, until it’s a spread. Fourthly, you spread the butter mixed with onions/garlic on the bread slices. After you have done all these things, you toast it slightly, until the bread has a slight brown crust. Then, Voila! There you have your Ghanaian garlic bread.

If any of you have their version of the recipe, don’t hesitate to comment. Other ideas are more than welcome. Enjoy!

Thanks to OH TV

For more interesting African recipes, visit IFood Africa


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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