Happy Easter to all

Easter might not be an important day to everyone, since it’s a Christian celebration. Though not everyone might be a Christian and not celebrating Easter like Christians, do, let us remind each other of the power of giving and of grace. Those that are givers are those that are free. For example, if you forGIVE, it is not only a gift to someone else, but you are giving your life the freedom to go forward. That makes giving not always easy, but something that is worth the while. We Africans are family oriented, which brings great advantage to our lifestyles. Our African cultures do not revolve much around ‘ME’, therefore it is most of the time our habit to give or to share. Let’s continue in doing this and make our stay on this earth worth the while ánd give. In which area can you give to another? Find out and share.

ABINA is a platform which focuses on sharing the gift of Africa to the world. Africans are beautiful, creative, strong and talented people. Yet, our image seems to not be great most of the time. We are proud to announce that ABINA is going forward to pursuing her mission in promoting the Gorgeous Africa. This summer, ABINAonline.com will be launched! We are adding inspiring contributors to our team and expanding. We expect you to still be with ABINA. Therefore we wish you the following:

May you prosper in all that you do.

May you find health, peace and joy in abundance in your daily life.

May you find your purpose here on earth and share your gift to the world.

May you be surrounded with people who love you.

And most importantly…

May you dress and look exceedingly fabulous.




Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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