Held by the neck: Domestic violence victim Chika Ike

Domestic violence is an issue that plays a role in every country. In some countries, that role is more alarming than in others. Africans in general are not unfamiliar with domestic violence. There might be a probability that 8 out of 10 African women have dealt with domestic violence in their lives ever. African men can’t always keep their hands to themselves, I guess. Not to forget that it’s not always women who are victims of domestic violence. But it hardly happens that an African man takes beating from a woman, let’s be honest. The fact that African homes have dealt with domestic violence so much makes me wonder. Is it regarded as normal? Do people regard it as a phase within every relationship? According to reliable sources, Nigerian actress Chika Ike suffered some serious beatings during her marriage. Is this an example of a sad story African women choose to remain in.

It’s not always easy to run away from domestic violence. It is definitely not easy when the victim is dependent on the violator in any way. At times, kids, family, money and such are involved in the relationship. A lot of feminine groups raise their fist against domestic violence, but the truth of the matter is, it’s not always easy to get out. Real life is another issue. Some say that allowing domestic violence is a typical African mentality. But is this mentality still present within the diaspora. Can it be upheld? What do you think?

If the story about Chika from the reliable source is true, I don’t know. If it is true, she is no different from other ordinary women who go through the same thing. Maby her hubby could not stand her transformation from a young woman to a movie star with fans bowing to their knees for her. At the end of the day, prayer is that she will find love again with a fist to protect her and not knock her out.

Sources about Chika Ike domestic violence. 

More about Chika Ike

Watch Chika Ike with co-actress Mercy Johnson in the movie: Royal Fight


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