Chocolate Sensation: Boris Kudjoe








We carefully select our chocolate sensations not just based on their looks and their African heritage, but also on their successes and achievement. It is important that the sensational man in question contributes positively to  society. This time around we could not stop to put our finger on Boris Kudjoe. He is popularly known from the television series Soul Food[] and Taylor Perry’s film Madeas family reunion, he is partially Ghanaian and carries a sexiness  that makes us kind of shiver. There is more to where that came from…

Boris Frederic Cecil Tay-Natey Ofuatey-Kodjoe(39), which is his full name,  was born to a Austrian mother and a Ghanaian father in 1973. According to our sources:

  • He graduated with a bachelor degree in Marketing in 1996
  • If it wasn’t for his back injury, he would have been a professional tennis player.
  • He is model, but switched to acting. Because we think that it’s what all models aspire on the long run.
  • He is a dad
  • He is a married man(for 7 years now)
  • He is the co-founder  of the Sophie’s Voice foundation

Should we mention any more? He married Soul Food co-star Nicole Ari Parker in 2005. He and Nicole have 2 children. They are a beautiful couple. And we respect a man that has achieved much as he has.

More about Boris Kodjoe on his website


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