Fashion must-haves: Timeless items every woman must have

As we know, fashion is continuously changing. Being fashion forward or being fashion trendy (which means you buy all that is to-date), is not a bad thing at all. Yet for some it is hard to upkeep. In the midst of all these changes and new fashion inventions, we wondered: what are the classic fashion pieces that go with anything? We gathered a group of fashionistas to advice even the simplest women on how to keep a timeless look and we fetched some good answers on that one. The following 10 items, you just can’t afford not to have in your closet. 

  1. A nude or black classic heel. The shoe sets the bar for any person’s outfit. This heel is must-have simply because it fits about anything. No matter in what frame of time a woman must put an outfit together, these can make a perfect fit. The form of the classic shoe depends all on your personal taste. The bottom line is that it’s a must have. African American R&B-artist Kelly Rowland wore the same on the picture below from Shoerazzi. 

2. A (oversized) blazerand suiting trousers is another must-have. You can’t go wrong with this outfit. This outfit is timeless, because it was allowed to be worn 30 years ago and it’s still allowed. The style of the suit does not matter, as long as it works together. For example the skinny pants are timeless, but these last 3 years the wide pants have come back. It depends on your preference.

3.  A wrap dress. Diane von Fustenberg brought this timeless dress into fashion and it’s still as fashionable as it was. It’s that silent dress that you can wear at any time. Not to forget the fact that it can be sexy and sophisticated for any event. In case it might show too much of that African shape, it can be easily worn with that oversized blazer.

4.   A white T-shirt. Still, there is nothing that can make a woman look more simple yet sexy without a white fitted t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of nice heels. You can’t go wrong with that one.

5. Fitted jeans. A good fitted jeans is necessary in every woman’s closet. It can be skinny jeans or a more baggy type. It fits with a chic top and it fits with a plain t-shirt. Need we say more?

6. A Leather biker jacket.A leather biker jacket is a classic because it was worn trhoght the 80’s till now. Of course the leather jacket has appeared in different shapes and forms, yet the plain one can be worn at the most occasions.

7. Diamond dot earrings. There is nothing extra and nothing lacking about these earrings. They’re neat, they’re timeless and necessary in any woman’s accessory box.

8. Handbag. The second item, next to the shoe that sets the bar for a woman’s outfit is the bag. You’ll be amazed at the difference a good looking handbag can make to a woman’s outfit. Our fashionistas advice every woman to invest in one good handbag, like a classic chanel bag or any other good quality bag in shopper size. And leave the affordable expenditures for the cluthes and trendy bags. Simply because trendy bags keep changing, a classic bag stays on forever.

9. The trench coat. The trench coat is that must-have that is necessary for that sophisticated look. A leather biker jacket might not be convenient on top of an evening gown. A trench coat is more suitable. Any woman has that moment where she needs to look a little more chic than casual and a trench coat fits just right.

10. The Black dress. If we did not mention the black dress, we would probably be expelled from giving any advice. An advice our fashionistas give is: don’t wear a black dress that’s too short. Do note that we African woman carry way more shape than the skinny chick in the magazine. Therefore a black dress can look provocative and too revealing. A black dress right above the knee will do you just great.

11. The head wrap. How could we forget the head wrap? The African head wrap is good for any given day. Whether you have got a bad hair day or a good one.

12. A positive attitude. A positive attitude is timeless, good for your blood pressure and a stress free method of embracing who you are. It’s also important to surround yourself with people who want good things for you as much as they want it for themselves. Only in those circles, you can expect a friend to tell you the truth when you look a little off. Positive surrounding, positive attitude is a must-have.


Thank you for you comment. Be blessed. ABINA

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