Definitely hot: Public figures who wear African… with swag

It’s a fact: African fashion is becoming more part of the worldwide fashion. At least, international public personalities are wearing African, which includes personalities with African origin and also non-Africans. Take rapper Eve for example, who made an appearance wearing an African printed tunic. The reason for this worldwide expansion is that African fashion, such as Ankara(African wax) and other cultural attire are designed in western styles combined with for example an African head wrap. African fashion has proven to be more versatile especially within the last 5 years. Not to forget, African designers and African collections who are upcoming, such as Mina Evans, Wana Sambo, Boxing Kitten, Christie Brown and more. Discover the looks of international personalities who wear African. 

One of the popular celebrities outside Africa who was spotted frequently with Ankara is Beyonce’s younger sister Solange Knowles. She has become a loyal ‘African swagger’. Other personalities, such as Alicia Keyes, Fergie, and Beyoncé have been spotted in Boxing Kitten. Though Boxing Kitten is an American based fashion brand, it does produce trendy clothing made of Ankara. They are made of Dutch (Vlisco) Wax to be precise. Find out more underneath.

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We love to see how African fashion or African influenced fashion is developing. However, the picture below is a perfect example of how not to wear it. Total disaster! Chai!

The way NOT to wear African

Below is a clip from the Be Bold show about Christie Brown, a Ghanaian fashion brand. Watch how this fantastic brand has gone global.

Some simply find African fashion by buying the fabric and finding a tailor to fix a whole outfit. For those that are looking for ready made African clothing. Below are sites where they are available.

Boxing Kitten

African Pulse . African Pulse is under construction at the moment.

Lady Africa

My Asho

HauteFashion Africa

Momma Africa must be too proud.

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