Under the mag: The first African fashion store in Lithuania

If you thought that African immigrants only reside in large cities of which the countries had colonial relations with Africa, you might want to think again. And if you though that African fashion outside of Africa is only present in London, Paris and New York, you might also want to think again.  We have discovered the only African store in Lithuania, founded by a young Kenyan woman named Kenyan Eskedar T.W and her store is named Matihana. She produced a clothing line made with Ankara that has attracted the Lithuanian media and it’s called Moteris. We get quiet some chills when we consider Lithuania, but ms. Eskedar is making the temperature rise with her slammin’ African line.

On May 16-20 there was an African Day held in Vilnis and Matihana displayed the fine work of her first collection to the public. By holding the fashion show, they took the opportunity to raise awareness of African culture in Lithuania. Come to think of it, there are only about 238 Africans who are residing in Lithuania. For this young lady to start an African fashion line is lovely.

What do you think? Do you love the collection?

Pictures of the fashion show are displayed below. And the website of Matihana. More press. Note, the writing can look like Hebrew to some. It’s a total different language than English.

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