You might have seen this particular High plateau shoe with no heel. You know, a goat feet look-a-like shoe, but than in a high form. That last one was not to ridicule the appearance of the shoe, but simply to describe it.  Some call it the Night Walker and it made its first appearance about 2 years ago on the Runway. At that time, no normal person could get it through their thick skull to put their feet into that shoe, but 2 years later women actually do. The shoe which was then only available for the price of 1,900Eur and up and it is now available from the price of approximately 50EUR. Read More


Have you ever ran into a swimsuit which has Ankara incorporated in it and you’re like: I want this?! If your answer is no, than I can end that for you by today. Adama Paris swimming line has a collection of separates and singles that can make you go prepping in the gym for summer. Adama Paris is a clothing and accessory brand based in Paris, France and the brand is just phenomenal. The founder, miss Adama Amanda Ndiaye is Senegalese, but born in Kinshasa in the then called Zaire. She debuted her newest collection of Afrobikinis at a fashion shoot for a French pageant called Miss Black France. Adama Paris was also part of the Arise fashion week this year.   Read More

If you haven’t spotted it by now, this will bring fabulous nail art under your radar. The last two years brought colorful nails in the spotlight, now fashion is taking it a little bit further with Nail art. Zebra, golden and/or sparkly, whether it’s Minx or just a funky print, they are fabulous at the moment. Think of it, we called it Ghetto years back. One tip: get your nail art! Below are various places where they are available. Read More

To me, there are not too many accessories designers who incorporate African fabrics and make quality accessories. With that I mean good technique, good finishing touches and a great variety of style. Some of these accessories I have run into didn’t have IT. But this one did! Aya Morrisson is a New York based accessory line which incorporates African prints. The accessory line is specialized in bags, purses and swimwear. That’s right swimwear. The style and the diversity of the collection makes ABINA fall in love. Status now: I have got to have an Aya Morisson bag. Read More