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It’s a fact: African fashion is becoming more part of the worldwide fashion. At least, international public personalities are wearing African, which includes personalities with African origin and also non-Africans. Take rapper Eve for example, who made an appearance wearing an African printed tunic. The reason for this worldwide expansion is that African fashion, such as Ankara(African wax) and other cultural attire are designed in western styles combined with for example an African head wrap. African fashion has proven to be more versatile especially within the last 5 years. Not to forget, African designers and African collections who are upcoming, such as Mina Evans, Wana Sambo, Boxing Kitten, Christie Brown and more. Discover the looks of international personalities who wear African.  Read More


If you thought that African immigrants only reside in large cities of which the countries had colonial relations with Africa, you might want to think again. And if you though that African fashion outside of Africa is only present in London, Paris and New York, you might also want to think again.  We have discovered the only African store in Lithuania, founded by a young Kenyan woman named Kenyan Eskedar T.W and her store is named Matihana. She produced a clothing line made with Ankara that has attracted the Lithuanian media and it’s called Moteris. We get quiet some chills when we consider Lithuania, but ms. Eskedar is making the temperature rise with her slammin’ African line. Read More

As we know, fashion is continuously changing. Being fashion forward or being fashion trendy (which means you buy all that is to-date), is not a bad thing at all. Yet for some it is hard to upkeep. In the midst of all these changes and new fashion inventions, we wondered: what are the classic fashion pieces that go with anything? We gathered a group of fashionistas to advice even the simplest women on how to keep a timeless look and we fetched some good answers on that one. The following 10 items, you just can’t afford not to have in your closet.  Read More

What comes to your mind when you think of organic T-shirts that are made in Africa? I can imagine how difficult it is to imagine one, since organic African T-shirts do not have a specific look. The Baffs Company, based in Crawley, United Kingdom can give you a perfect image of an organic T-shirt made in Africa.

The Baffs brand produces 100% organic T-shirts, made in Africa. The cotton of which the T-shirts are made of come from Gulu Agricultural Development Company (GADU), based in the Northern part of Uganda. Also, the T-shirts are traded fully under Fair trade.  Never, in the history of T-shirt production has a company taken such a unique approach, whereby the founder is also African. Baffs is taking a conscious step and moving towards a direction that more companies of the western world are heading to. This all makes us interested in knowing the process of this T-shirt line and the challenges of Fair trade production. Read More

The head wrap is no unfamiliar wear in Africa and the African Diasporas. It is a symbol of our culture, especially in West and Central Africa. As Africa fashion is now going worldwide, so is the African head wrap. Even American celebrities are wearing the head wrap in different and new ways. Celebrities such as Solange Knowles, Chrisette Michele are making ways with our cultural attire. Do you think that this has made African traditional wear more acceptable in the professional world in the Westies?

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You might be wondering what the heck of a picture is placed above this article. Well, it’s art. Fine art I must say. It’s a creation of Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare. Yinka Shonibare, born in London, United Kingdom, moved to Lagos, Nigeria on the age of 3. He later returned to London to study Fine Arts. One of his sculptures, The Crowning, was exhibited at the Six Yards exhibition in the MMK Arnhem, the Netherlands. Yinka Shonibare has become well known of exploring issues, such as race, class and colonialism. Read More