Chocolate Sensation








We carefully select our chocolate sensations not just based on their looks and their African heritage, but also on their successes and achievement. It is important that the sensational man in question contributes positively to  society. This time around we could not stop to put our finger on Boris Kudjoe. He is popularly known from the television series Soul Food[] and Taylor Perry’s film Madeas family reunion, he is partially Ghanaian and carries a sexiness  that makes us kind of shiver. There is more to where that came from… Read More


Seriously, this chocolate sensation is something else. I saw this man on this British show called This Morning.  in which he did an interview together with Joycelyn Jee Esien. I tell you this guy be Chocolate Sensation all the way. Richard Blackwood is our chocolate sensation, not because he is that fine, but he is a UK based comedian, rapper, actor, DJ and TV-host. This means a fine black man who is working his way up to the top. Read More

You know that we can never get enough of Chocolate sensation. This month’s Chocolate sensation is Ghanaian television show host and actor Chris Attoh. He is popularly known from Africa’s international hit movie: the Perfect Picture, wherein he played the leading role alongside actress Jackie Appiah. He is a young entrepreneur, as he states, whose aim is to put Ghana entertainment on the map worldwide. Watch out for this one oooh, this guy is superfly! Read More

Remember our previous chocolate sensation Idris Elba? Of course you do, he’s the sexy chocolate half Ghanaian actor from Britain. Well, this sexy African man is hitting singing notes now too, with his video called: Private garden, produced by 9th Garden.

 Abina was aware that he is a DJ, but this guy can sing too. The Words of his song makes my heart melt. I totally believe everything he is saying! Like Single Ladies star Keisha Green would say: “he can get it, all of it.”  Check out this video below. Read More