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As we know, fashion is continuously changing. Being fashion forward or being fashion trendy (which means you buy all that is to-date), is not a bad thing at all. Yet for some it is hard to upkeep. In the midst of all these changes and new fashion inventions, we wondered: what are the classic fashion pieces that go with anything? We gathered a group of fashionistas to advice even the simplest women on how to keep a timeless look and we fetched some good answers on that one. The following 10 items, you just can’t afford not to have in your closet.  Read More


Africa is most affected by the environmental pollution of the western world. As the western world is taking more actions to prevent environmental pollution especially in the last 10 years, so have two African fashion events, which took place last year, contributed to this cause. These events are The Nigeria Fashion Week (NFW) 2011 and the Zimbabwe Fashion Week (ZFW) 2011. Read More

The spring collections of the clothing stores were staring me in the face, as I was looking for the best sale items to add to my wardrobe. As it stared at me, I felt as if I was being lifted into this romantic and sophisticated feel. When I ran into L’Officiel magazine with Chanel Iman on the cover, that’s when it hit me: the coming spring is going to be romantic! The trend of coming spring is going to embrace us with a romantic feel. I know it. This means: soft colors, like white, pink, blue, flowered prints, chiffon dresses, high-waist skirts and more. Opposing to the stop blocking colors of last summer and the snake prints of the winter season, fashion is doing a flip and is appearing to be less raw. The 90’s, the leather, and the stop blocking colors swag is still worth keeping, though. It’s just now that the trend is inspired by the fashion style of the Pan Am woman and the lady of the 60’s. Below is an idea of how to go with this romantic flow and yet keep the African accents in your style. Blown away already?‏

It’s just today that we received the news that a MO SAЇQUE shoe debuts at the London Fashion week. Such exciting news! You might be wondering why we are rejoicing. Well, MO SAIQE luxury shoes is shoe brand which is does not only have an elegant, sophisticated, good-quality collection, but is founded by a young Ghanaian woman, Afua Dabanka. Arise Magazine’s editor in-chief even stated that MO SAIQUE shoes has a chance of becoming the next Christian Louboutin. Feelin’ proud already? Read More

Fashion designer Mina Evans-Anfom at her fashion show launch in 2010

African fashion and African designers are rising. This refreshing movement, that critics call ‘just a trend’ is taking over the world, with its bright colors, African wax, animal prints and tribal accessories. Under the mag this time is Ghanaian fashion designer Mina Evans-Anfom. Mina Evans-Anfom, who is the brain behind luxury brand Mina Evans, recently launched her new summer/spring collection called Terra Ferma. Mina Evans fashion is just launched as a brand for 14 months and it’s such a success already. Having styled artists as TuFace en Becca and having a success after her first collection was launched in 2010, Mina Evans is at it and it’s definitely someone we should keep an eye on. Read More

Right when we thought that Uzuri Coutoure had won an amazing price by winning the Music and fashion battle (MAFB) ending of last year. We were wrong. She actually won herself a place in the finals. The MAFB finals, which took place in Amsterdam the Netherlandson the 22th of January la Femme chic, Deveney, Nawal and Uzuri Couture as their finalists. Guess who took the 1st price home? Our dear Uzuri Couture by Audrey NM did!   Read More

A saying that has been said many times: “Africa is a booming nation and all Africans should be a part of it. “ I remember that this was said by Anne Merit van Hoeve who is an executive director Human resource at Vlisco Group (African textiles). I think she is true in many ways. The nation that is so much associated with negativity has a rising music industry and a booming fashion industry too! This statement leads me to iconic fashion designer Roberto Cavalli and Vogue Italia Editor-in-chief who brought a visit to Ghana, Togo and Nigeria for fashion activities. This fashion duo first visited Nigeria and then went to Togo and to Ghana. Interested to know what they went to do? Read More