We carefully select our chocolate sensations not just based on their looks and their African heritage, but also on their successes and achievement. It is important that the sensational man in question contributes positively to  society. This time around we could not stop to put our finger on Boris Kudjoe. He is popularly known from the television series Soul Food[] and Taylor Perry’s film Madeas family reunion, he is partially Ghanaian and carries a sexiness  that makes us kind of shiver. There is more to where that came from… Read More


Yess oh, it is time for another chocolate sensation for the ladies. This one is deep colored and pure chocolate from Sudan. Ger Duany is an American based actor and model from Sudan. Not only is he such a handsome man, but his life story is inspiring. His success, struggles and profession has made him our Chocolate Sensation. Read More

Abina has held back on the Chocolate Sensations, but it’s time for another one. This month’s Chocolate sensation is Oraine Barrett.

Quiet a different type of look and a scar on his face. This Jamaican model has landed major campaigns, such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Raulph Lauren and more. Oraine Barett is unstoppable. He is one of the most sought after male models in the world. He has got the goods to have me look for more of him. Read More

A Black Model on the cover of Glamour magazine, FINALLY!

Finally, a black woman is on the cover of Glamour Magazine, the Netherlands. It has probably taken more than 50 issues, before a woman of colour made it to the front page of a no 1 selling fashion magazine.

I took the initiative to send Glamour Magazine, the Netherlands a letter, whereby I made a complaint against the fact that they never put a black woman on their cover. I got a respond from the editor-in-chief. She let me know not to worry. Since then, they dedicate one page to women of colour, with the worst cosmetics tips. They didn’t get my point. The point that I was trying to make is that it is time for the Netherlands to embrace diversity in colour and culture. the United Kingdom has no problem doing this in their publishing, but the Netherlands do.

I won’t complain though. They put supermodel Alek Wek on the Cover and she looks great. Let’s make sure that this is not a one time event, but that it will happen frequently.

Let’s be real, model thin is too thin. The sight of skinny, gap-in-between-legs kind of women is way too thin. But this is the image which has been portrayed in World fashion over the years with the public accepting this. This image is regarded as perfect and it brings cash. And it is sad, cause 7 out of 10 models aren’t healthy. And now, at last, it seems that a few fashion designers are starting to realize that this picture can’t be painted any longer, cause its is time to be real. And switch to the more athletic body. It seems like the fashion industry has had an epiphany!

I watched Fashion legend, Diana Von Furstenberg on CNN programme, Amanpour. She talked about her new ad campaign

that actually shows pictures of models, without retouch. She says the fashion industry needs to show beauty as health. The show immediately caught my attention, because the fashion industry is not healthy at all. I love the way this women speaks. It seems that people’s eyes will finally be opened, because of a woman who has such an influence in the fashion industry.

Also, there was Joe Zee, Elle magazine’s creative director. You know, Olivia’s kiss ass from MTV’s show, the City. He stated that the fashion industry is going for the more athletic body type. Amen and Amen. I think Naomi Campbell’s body is the minimun to go. It is athletic, sexy and it suits her well. Another example is Dutch model, Doutzen Kroes. She is a topmodel, but she doesn’t get a lot of runway jobs, because she is slightly too big. BS, right?

What do you think? Will the fashion industry let go of the model-thin picture? Or will the fashion industry continue to paint the picture of ‘Model-thin’. Follow the link bellow, for more.

I celebrate another black model on the cover of French Vogue: Rose Cordero. The Puerto Rican model had succeeded by covering the front page and a six page spread! We all know how the French fashion industry is.
The style of the pictures is ‘Spanish military with corsetry and function of the belt’ influenced. Definatley hot this spring! C’est tres beau!

Rose Codero has worked for Max Mara, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and more. Rose Codero is, apart from supermodel Chanel Iman, definately someone to keep an eye on.