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We carefully select our chocolate sensations not just based on their looks and their African heritage, but also on their successes and achievement. It is important that the sensational man in question contributes positively to  society. This time around we could not stop to put our finger on Boris Kudjoe. He is popularly known from the television series Soul Food[] and Taylor Perry’s film Madeas family reunion, he is partially Ghanaian and carries a sexiness  that makes us kind of shiver. There is more to where that came from… Read More


What comes to your mind when you think of organic T-shirts that are made in Africa? I can imagine how difficult it is to imagine one, since organic African T-shirts do not have a specific look. The Baffs Company, based in Crawley, United Kingdom can give you a perfect image of an organic T-shirt made in Africa.

The Baffs brand produces 100% organic T-shirts, made in Africa. The cotton of which the T-shirts are made of come from Gulu Agricultural Development Company (GADU), based in the Northern part of Uganda. Also, the T-shirts are traded fully under Fair trade.  Never, in the history of T-shirt production has a company taken such a unique approach, whereby the founder is also African. Baffs is taking a conscious step and moving towards a direction that more companies of the western world are heading to. This all makes us interested in knowing the process of this T-shirt line and the challenges of Fair trade production. Read More

Ambitious minds in the African Diaspora are doing a great job delivering projects and events which reflect on the beauty and heritage of Africa. An example is the Miss Excellence beauty contest organized by a Nigerian entrepreneur Anthony Obuezie, who is also the co-founder of Essence productions.

On 17 December 2011 was the very first grand finale of the beauty contest, which took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The result of the finale was a well deserved winner named Rebecca Habtab. Rebecca Habtab(26) is an Eritrean young gorgeous woman who resides in Assen, The Netherlands. Her charisma en sweetened personality had the judges and the crowd struck. Rebecca won herself a contract with Positive Runway worth of 10.000 USD and of course a full year reign as Miss Excellence 2011. We wanted to know how this beauty queen is doing and which other inspiring activities she has in store for us.

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