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What do you think of when you hear the name Africa? Most Africans will probably mention words like:  home, family, good weather, good music and all positive things that is to mention about their African countries. The western world is more likely to associate poverty, war, corruption, safaris and so on. And sadly a lot of African descendants are likely to do the same and create the wrong stereotypes. African descendants are African Americans, Afro-Caribbean’s, Afro-Latinos and so on. Unfortunately they are also led by the images of Africa that are projected to western world and it seems to be one of the main reasons why there is much division within black communities. Read More


Domestic violence is an issue that plays a role in every country. In some countries, that role is more alarming than in others. Africans in general are not unfamiliar with domestic violence. There might be a probability that 8 out of 10 African women have dealt with domestic violence in their lives ever. African men can’t always keep their hands to themselves, I guess. Not to forget that it’s not always women who are victims of domestic violence. But it hardly happens that an African man takes beating from a woman, let’s be honest. The fact that African homes have dealt with domestic violence so much makes me wonder. Is it regarded as normal? Do people regard it as a phase within every relationship? According to reliable sources, Nigerian actress Chika Ike suffered some serious beatings during her marriage. Is this an example of a sad story African women choose to remain in. Read More

You might be familiar with this question: “So when are you getting married?” The question never gets old, especially not within the African communities. The tone of the question gets more intense as you get older and as you remain single. Some can experience the question as a pressure from the older generation and someone’s answer might be: Mom, I am not getting married at all. Come to think of it, that answer is probably the worst answer you can give an African parent. African movies also paint the picture of marriage being the ultimate goal into everyone’s life. To me this is an interesting matter, which leads me to the question: Why is marriage so important to Africans and how important is this to us in the Diasporas? I ran into an interesting article on African Holocaust, which goes into the subject of Africans and marriage. Read More

It started centuries ago: one man having 2 or more women. The modern societies seem to have brought an end to this lifestyle, whereby it seems impossible for men to have 2 or more women. Yet to some Africans, this lifestyle is at least one generation away. For example: Granddad who lived in Africa and who used to be married to grandmother, yet had children with other women while being in the marriage.’ Doesn’t this prove that this ‘unfaithful’ lifestyle is in the blood of our African men of this generation? Hasn’t this lifestyle manifested in our daily lives wherein African men cheat and the woman stick by, because they want to stay in a relationship? Some Abina readers had interesting answers. Read More

The good Lord Almighty blessed every person with eyebrows. Some have them thick and some have them thin, yet our eyebrows are created for a good reason. They are probably one of the most important features on the face. However some women fail to shape them like terror landed their faces or they got drawn on by the worst artist in the world. Especially we African women. Many are lost. Then comes the following question: Which shape of eyebrows are best? I found a trick which can help our women in need. Read More

We are most familiar with the title: Miss Independent. After Ne-yo’s smashing hit, named after Miss Independent, woman can’t seem to let that name rest. Miss Independent has become most popular and has been adding many women to her group. But who is she? Is she that feminist or activist like Yaa asentwaa? Is she all that a man is looking for? Where is she from? And do the women who call themselves Miss Independent live up that name? Who is Miss Independent?  

We interviewed 20 women and men of different ethnic backgrounds (African, British, Dutch, German and Carrebean) between the age of 20 and 35. . Here are some of they’re views and what Abina can conclude:

“Miss Independent is fantastic. She is beautiful in her own way and it all ways at the same time. One thing I love about women who just don’t give a F.. They are conscious and motivated and focused on their positive aspects. That is what a man loves in a woman: that she can work with what she got. That type of women can maintain a household and their career. That is what men need.”

— FrankSarpong,Washington,USA Read More