We have written about natural hair before, but this time we wanted to know more about where this wave of women who are going natural, is coming from. Within the last 5 years, a growing group of women around the world are growing their hair natural. These women are taking the transition from having chemically relaxed hair to growing their hair naturally, either by letting it grow or undergoing the ‘Big cut’.

 Natural hair is described as Afro hair which has not been altered by flat irons, chemicals, such as relaxing, perming and straightening. To some Africans and even non-Africans, it is a perfect example of hair which is unmanageable, thick and painful. Yet, more women are embracing their ‘nappy’ hair and going natural. It seems as if African fashion is not the only thing that is taking a worldwide turn. Read More


What comes to your mind when you think of organic T-shirts that are made in Africa? I can imagine how difficult it is to imagine one, since organic African T-shirts do not have a specific look. The Baffs Company, based in Crawley, United Kingdom can give you a perfect image of an organic T-shirt made in Africa.

The Baffs brand produces 100% organic T-shirts, made in Africa. The cotton of which the T-shirts are made of come from Gulu Agricultural Development Company (GADU), based in the Northern part of Uganda. Also, the T-shirts are traded fully under Fair trade.  Never, in the history of T-shirt production has a company taken such a unique approach, whereby the founder is also African. Baffs is taking a conscious step and moving towards a direction that more companies of the western world are heading to. This all makes us interested in knowing the process of this T-shirt line and the challenges of Fair trade production. Read More

With long anticipation, we’re still waiting on the collection our very own sexy Ghanaian Ozwald Boateng is going to create for women. He has done great by making taylor made suits  for man and he has made such an established name for himself all over the world. But it still ain’t around for women. We can’t complain, because we are 100% sure he’s going to push a collection that will keep also the ladies all fitted. In the meantime, Ozwald Boateng has been busy. His just launched the images of his shoot from his summer/spring collection in Soweto, South Africa and it seems that there are a few clothing for women too.  Read More

Have you ever ran into a swimsuit which has Ankara incorporated in it and you’re like: I want this?! If your answer is no, than I can end that for you by today. Adama Paris swimming line has a collection of separates and singles that can make you go prepping in the gym for summer. Adama Paris is a clothing and accessory brand based in Paris, France and the brand is just phenomenal. The founder, miss Adama Amanda Ndiaye is Senegalese, but born in Kinshasa in the then called Zaire. She debuted her newest collection of Afrobikinis at a fashion shoot for a French pageant called Miss Black France. Adama Paris was also part of the Arise fashion week this year.   Read More

Africa is most affected by the environmental pollution of the western world. As the western world is taking more actions to prevent environmental pollution especially in the last 10 years, so have two African fashion events, which took place last year, contributed to this cause. These events are The Nigeria Fashion Week (NFW) 2011 and the Zimbabwe Fashion Week (ZFW) 2011. Read More

We are quiet late with this news, but that’s all right. Still we rejoice with our leading lady, Justina Mutale, who won the African woman of the year awards 2012 on 22 February. It is such a delight to see an Africa woman doing what she does at best. Zimbabwean Justina Mutale is the founder of Positive Runway, which is an initiation focused to raise awareness to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. She was the only nominee who received two awards. Her foundation Positive runway received the ‘Service to Community’ award. Read More

Seriously, this chocolate sensation is something else. I saw this man on this British show called This Morning.  in which he did an interview together with Joycelyn Jee Esien. I tell you this guy be Chocolate Sensation all the way. Richard Blackwood is our chocolate sensation, not because he is that fine, but he is a UK based comedian, rapper, actor, DJ and TV-host. This means a fine black man who is working his way up to the top. Read More