Get your sparkly nail art!

If you haven’t spotted it by now, this will bring fabulous nail art under your radar. The last two years brought colorful nails in the spotlight, now fashion is taking it a little bit further with Nail art. Zebra, golden and/or sparkly, whether it’s Minx or just a funky print, they are fabulous at the moment. Think of it, we called it Ghetto years back. One tip: get your nail art! Below are various places where they are available.

 The nail art which are available in stores are mostly stickers. Some pictures make it look like the art has been applied with nail polish, but it’s not! Let’s not be fooled. Some do apply the art by hand. For example The Nail Illustrated, which is based in London, UK, apply nail art wonderfully by hand. If you are in the London area, don’t hesitate to stop by for great Nail Art at Nail Illustrated.

  1. Sephora. Sephora has a great variety of nail art. The quality is great too. If applied correctly, the nail art stays longer than the 2 days written on the cover.
  2. Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen also has a great variety of nail prints. Some say that Sephora’s nail art stay on longer, but that’s for you to try.
  3. Blixz. Blixz is alright. They have a good variety of prints from Minx to prints, but theh quality is not as good as Sephora’s. The nail art doesn’t stay on as long as Sephora’s.
  4. Primark. Primark also sales nail art, but these are no stickers, the nail art is applied on artificial nails. They look great. They are available in every Primark store internationally.

It’s important to apply nail glue on the edge of your nail, hold it under a warm light for some minutes and not wash your hands for a day. Yup, not wash them for a day and apply hand detergent in the meanwhile. That is, if you want it to last longer than 2 days.

 An alternative is of course nail polish. That, of course requires a lot of patience and creativity.

The nail art look cute on short ‘real’ finger nails.  Also, the pointed artificial nails are in fashion. But the white tip… honey, those days are gone. The nail art look cute at most natural length possible.  

 Find Nail Illustrated on Facebook.



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