Under the mag: Aya Morrison’s swimwear and bags

To me, there are not too many accessories designers who incorporate African fabrics and make quality accessories. With that I mean good technique, good finishing touches and a great variety of style. Some of these accessories I have run into didn’t have IT. But this one did! Aya Morrisson is a New York based accessory line which incorporates African prints. The accessory line is specialized in bags, purses and swimwear. That’s right swimwear. The style and the diversity of the collection makes ABINA fall in love. Status now: I have got to have an Aya Morisson bag.

Aya Morrison accessory line is founded by Helena Aidoo-Morrison. Looking at the name, there is a high probability that she is Ghanaian. Helena Aidoo-Morrison is based in New York, America and is currently a stylist and fashion designer.

 Read more about the Ayo Morrison collections and about Helena Aidoo-Morrison.

Follow Aya Morrison on Facebook and on Twitter @Aya Morrison

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